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Populating this place
I have tried to create similar forums / etc to the broken Slumberville forum.

I have also added one or two quoted posts per section from there to help start populating this forum. These are direct quotes and if any of the authors would prefer them removed, please let me know

All help in populating this place and getting the community we once had back is greatly appreciated
Good Luck. I had given up on the old Chloroforum, just happened to push the old button this morning. Hope others realize you're back.
The post isn't don't mean to steal anyone's thunder -- this is more me opening up a place where there seems to be a lot of sleepy-themed activity lately.  I already posted about it, but there is a Server on Discord called "Sleepy Fetish For All".  There are lots of cool people from all over the world, and there's basically real-time activity 24 hours ago.  I know it's not a perfect solution to what's happened, but I think it's worth checking out, both as a place to explore on its own, and also as a way to promote activity here.  Here is the link:
There's just not enough content. Yeah, I know I'm guilty of this but trying to fix it.
We get the community we deserve. It looks like lots of topics are viewed, few are commented on, fewer offer new content.

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