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Cam Sites / Models Who Do Sleepy?
dar230 Wrote:There are several ladies on webcam.  The last post I did was on the "Live Webcam sites" back in 2015, but that thread just kind of died.

A more up-to-date version of my personal experiences are (All MFC unless otherwise noted):

Eliza_kinky plays with Kiss_star:  Seperate accounts, but they are actually just off screen with one another and will play together.  Newer find, and still have to work out the knockout portion, but some of the best work with one provider playing with the other while unconscious.

AndrianaFox also plays with TianaDel:  They were familiar with the fetish before I spoke with them.  Simplistic knockouts, but great bodies.

Fetish_milf with Sweet_fetish:  Not the greatest bodies, but they are really into fetish.  Also, they have started including Sweety_sharai and I like her to be ko'd first, and then someone else will go out later.

CherrySmileX:  Sweet girl that plays druged drinks and self chloro a lot for me.  Random helper friends are sometimes avail, but frankly, I believe it throws her off and she smirks a lot while supposed to be out.

Sadeineed:  Not online a lot, but definately worth it.

TwisterAss:  Good solo work, I like her.

Fevent_Pie:  Yes she plays; just not very good at it.

KellyandLisa:  They were good as a team, but lately one on is online for the account.

MissyMartinez and LillyyLovee:  Yes they play, but I can't seem to get them to not do the instant cloth ko.  Maybe someone else will have better luck explaining a longer ko experience.  They do seem willing to learn, and they do try to accomidate.

GingerFox_:  Good solo work, bonus is you like the redheads.

Tiana from Tianajesika, Tessacream, Tianajesika, Sweetyhunter, Evelintiana:  Tiana is the small blond girl that often wears glasses.  Pretty much always with another girl and has several screennames to keep track of.  I have had a couple of shows with her before finding out how many people are actually in her room.  All of her screennames are on at least MFC, Chatturbate, and Liveprivates.  While she pretty much stays at a couple of viewers on MFC, on Chatturbate she typically has around 3K viewers.  I'm just too self-conscious to play my fetish in front of large audiences (I never do true-private).

Lopato and Bonsovych:  Yes, they do play.  However, you should also note thay beg for money every time you come online after that.

Natysunshine:  I like her, but she now is set up to play in a bar stool type chair most of the time rather than a couch/bed environment. 

Naughty_M and SlaveAlison:  Same girl/two screennames.  Long time favorite.  Even though she does both self-chloro and drugged drink, I like her doing drugged drink because of her voice.  She also has noteworthy titties.

urFetish_Girl:  I like her, but she is not online very often.

Asabella_ and Asabella:  Same girl/ two screennames.  Absolutly nothing in her tags that would suggest she plays these types of games.  But, she is actually pretty damned good at it.  Hot middle aged woman.

Afrokat_latina (Chatturbate) and Little_gamer_1:  They play together a lot, and I have seen them both as solos. 

Crazycouple30 (Chatturbate):  Always a favorite.

Ambrares (Chatturbate):  Nothing in the tags that would suggest it, but I came accross a public sleepy show one time.  Had to get a private show later, and it was very good drugged drink scene.  Haven't seem them online in a while though.

Fantazzm (LivePrivates):  Good couple chloro show.

AngelsnotSaints (LivePrivates):  Good couple chloro show.

DungeonFetish1 (LivePrivates):  Good couple chloro show.

That is pretty much the latest finds that are still active.  I have several more that I have been keeping an eye on that I am thinking maybe into it.  Of course CoryChasexxx is (yes, the same one that does the customs availble through here), but her room is always very busy. 

I don't mind adding to the list from time to time, but so far Shakin' Bacon 9 has been the only other person I have seen to post models.

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