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DIDpic Wrote:

This was someone on my radar for a long time, but trying to get an appointment with her is difficult if not living in London.

She does appear to be either very popular or very selective in her time - a recent announcement that she is curtailing her activities greatly from October onwards also gives the suggestion that she may be a student or is going into further education having earned enough to sustain herself through her tax-free self-employment activities.

Lily is a professional bicurious submissive with a taste in particular for taboo roleplays - hence I thought just the girl hopefully for our kink. Although only in her early twenties, she is something of a mini-legend in that scene with what could almost be described as a "fan club" of regular admirers paying as much as I earn in a month merely so they can have her all to themselves for an evening. As her rates weren't of the over the top level demanded by so-called "professional courtesans" (ie. escorts catering to those with more money than sense and offering little better in practice), I decided to see if she was worthy of the tributes.

The venue for our meeting left me with a very high impression of whom I was dealing with from the start: a beautiful large first floor studio flat right across from a mini-park, spotlessly clean, tastefully furnished and decorated, overlooking one of the most historical parts of London, Smithfield (where Wat Tyler's Peasant's Revolt was double-crossed by Richard II; William Wallace hanged drawn and quartered; where Bloody Mary burned fifty heretics alive; where coin forgers were traditionally boiled to death in hot oil; and where there has been a daily meat market since the time of the Vikings, whose meat porters have a reputation for getting involved in all manner of radical political protests). There was appropriately enough a guided night tour going about their business with a mixed group of home and foreign tourists at the time I arrived outside.

Lily had hired this specifically for a photo shoot earlier so this was doubling up to squeeze in an appointment after - offering much more room than the usual hotel room. These are what constitute her "in calls" - a hotel room or flat she's hired for taking appointments. If she does have a place of her own, none of her business is done there, that much I figured from our conversations.

The sole drawback to the venue was entry as Lily wasn't completely sure what buzzer button was needed to press to gain entry, but I was let into the building by an unwitting smiling bearded resident (and clearly well-to-do) heading out for his own nocturnal leisure activities; saving Lily from having to come down and let me in as she thought she'd have to (and much to my relief after being messed around by another earlier that day).

Shower and the white pristine bathroom facilities were absolutely perfect, with plenty of towels.

When she opened the door, I was quite taken aback at how attractive she was: something of the perfect cute geek girl from next door. Her verified photos are accurate: Lily has just over the shoulders hair which is somewhere between red and honey blonde. She is thin without being bony, easily in her early twenties. As mentioned by others there is a very little acne which works in her favour in accentuating her youthfulness.  Her skin is smooth and soft.

From the beginning although clearly an experienced professional, there was the impression of a shyness to her which was genuine and not merely her playing to her chosen role of a submissive. Eye contact was minimal until much later. However she was responsive to my requests and was willing to compromise on an earlier reluctance before our meeting to one matter in particular after demonstrating what I was looking for.

It also needed bearing in mind that although her English is excellent, it is still her second or third language as a Lithuanian.

Lily was more submissive than perhaps I would have wanted, but it is very much the case with Lily that she is reacting in line with her own kinks to what you are doing to her: anyone looking for a 'feisty' or 'bratty' sub should know this simply isn't her - she's more a 'lover' than a 'fighter'. This said, she may simply have been responding to my own treatment of her, which although a sleepy roleplay involved a fair amount of me reassuring her throughout (I'd made very sure before we got underway that she knew exactly what she was letting herself in for lest she panicked that she was going to come to any harm).

In any case, one should never expect any escort to be little more than a programmable robot, part of the enjoyment lies in the unexpected element to it all.

She did "sleep assault" roleplays (ie. molestation), but the chloro kink was a new one to her. Once more I showed her a MP4 clip (in this case the twin chloro from "Who's Harry Crumb") and her response was "oh okay, this looks like fun" - game on! I had sweetened the pot a little by buying her a pair of flat tie shoes (again the same Clarks Hamble Oak variety I'd bought Gorgeous Lily earlier in the year) since I didn't like the sort of footwear she was going to have with her (if you are going to do this, may as well do it right).

It was interesting noticing how her actions quickly changed during the roleplay: once grabbed and the cloth was being pressed over her nose and mouth she struggled, trying to free her arms. Once my arm had successfully pinned both of her arms to her sides and I'd readjusted the cloth so it was only over her nose and mouth rather than her full face, she stopped struggling and began to give little stuttering soft moans which were wonderful. This was her clearly in her element, being made to feel helpless, although she still needed to be persuaded to allow me to bind and gag her (as it was first time together, a compromise was agreed of a scrunchie "binding" her wrists, a symbolic gag being tied over her mouth, with her legs being kept untied).

We actually ran a little overtime.

A perfect night with a very sweet girl who will bring out the paternal/maternal side in you no matter what you are looking for. Truly a unique character.

(Intend doing some further updates to this later as more impressions of the appointment come back to me)

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