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VelvetsFantasies- Saya Savage in A CRUSH ON SUPERGIRL PART 2
JacquelynVelvets Wrote:Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Saya Savage

We fade in as the stunning Supergirl (played by Miss Velvets) arrives to a secret lair in search of her prey: the devious human master criminal Saya Savage!!!  Saya approaches, brandishing a kryptonite hypno-orb that suddenly robs Supergirl of her powers…and control over her own body.  She’s frozen, begging for mercy as Saya convinces her that her body is being crushed by her own suit and belt!  SG screams in agony as her breath is stolen from her, her consciousness waning until she fades into a deep sleep, collapsing over Saya’s arms.  Saya OTS carries her into her home and continues the humiliation, crushing the frozen SG in a reverse bearhug, trapping her in a back-bending chinlock, crushing her throat with a reverse naked choke, pummeling her belly against a wall, and even forcing her to fill her stomach with air…just so she can punch it out of her!  After multiple knockouts, Supergirl is barely conscious, groggy as she begs for mercy…but Saya is fresh out and shows it by using bnoth hands to press into Supergirl’s bosom, crushing her ample chest, restricting her airways until she eventually passes out one last time.  A triumphant Saya drags her limp body out of her living room as our camera fades to black!!!

This movie contains
hypnosis KO
freeze command
reverse bearhug KO
rear naked choke KOs
belly punching
solar plex punching
breast punching
chest press KO
over the should carry
sleepy kiss
limp limb manipulation


21 minutes runtime  - Resolution - 720x1280 - File Size - 1.63 GB

A Crush On Supergirl Part 2
[Image: CRUSHSUPERGIRL2collage.jpg]
You can download this movie here:

Please enjoy! ~Jacquelyn

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