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Melanie vs Katie and Amy
Katie and Amy have decided to sleep in the same bed.  So Melanie can't break in and chloroform them.
Unfortunately, when Amy is alone Melanie is able to surprise Amy and chloroform her.  While Amy is being chloroformed Katie find them.
Melanie tells Katie Amy won't remember anything so Katie can sucks on Amy's breasts
Next scene, when Katie is alone Melanie is able to surprise Katie and chloroform her.  Amy discovers them and Melanie explains she loves it and she won't remember anything.
Amy pulls Katies pants down and rubs her pussy.  Melanie tongue kisses Katie.
Katie is much stronger than Melanie thinks and is able to get the cloth off Melanie and get the upper hand.
Katie chloroforms Melanie while Amy holds Melanies arms behind her back
Katie and Amy suck on Melanies large breasts.  Katie and Amy tongue kiss Melanie.
The last scene Katie, Amy and Melanie are on a bed.  Melanie is kept quiet with chloroform while Katie and Amy sucks on her large breasts

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