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Beckie's Biggest Fan (New Chloro Femdom Bondage Story)

Dynamic: F/F 
Fetishes: Feet, Sleep, Hypnosis, Femdom, Smothering, Bondage, Mummification KO 
Method: Sleeping Pills, Hypnosis, Chokehold, Chloroform 

Synopsis: Beckie, a young bombshell in her early twenties, has just moved to a brand new house, but when her hyper-vigilant neighbor verbally assaults her for dressing inappropriately, Beckie decides to hatch a plan for revenge. 

Beckie’s Biggest Fan” explores what happens when a dominant female messes with the wrong person.  If you love seeing a strong, mature woman put in her place by a devious younger woman, this tale is right up your alley. If you have any questions or are interested in a personalized commission, feel free to email me at

[Image: beckie_s_biggest_fan__chapter_10__by_bro...V2rQZ9zFnM]

[Image: chloroforming_amanda_by_brockrockhold_df...vgP0TbKDRI]

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