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Super Sleep Over at the Coven (Superhero Sleepy Story)
It was a quiet Friday evening at the Coven.

The secret lair was hidden in a remote mountainside and was equipped with living and sleeping quarters in addition to a sparring dojo, high-tech laboratory and a launchpad for a VTOL aircraft codenamed the Shroud.

The Coven was made up of four superheroines with unique powers and abilities who banded together and were sworn to fight crime and injustice.

Dark Raven was the leader of the group and she was spending the evening working diligently at improving the formula for her Raven Sleep Spray. She did not have super strength or magic powers like her teammates. She depended on gadgets and quick wits to fight her battles. She had recently used her Sleep Spray on Raging Rhonda, the berserker, and rampaging supervillain. Despite getting sprayed with the sleep spray, Rhonda had managed to attack Dark Raven getting her in a deadly bear hug that could have been the end of Raven had the anesthetic not kicked in.

"What are you doing?" Giantica questioned. The 8 foot tall Amazon curiously studied the vials and lab equipment Raven was using. The Amazon was clearly bored.

"My sleep spray needs to act faster," Raven answered as she put the finishing touches on her latest formula. "Rhonda almost got the drop on me. The formula should have kicked in instantly, not five seconds later."

Giantica scoffed. "Rhonda has a glass jaw. One right hook and she'd be out like a light before she hit the ground."

"Your right hook perhaps, but this is a subtle way to deal with a powerful enemy," Raven explained, adjusting her raven black mask that covered the top part of her face. She always wore a mask when she was not alone to protect her secret identity.

"I'm immune to anesthetic gas," Giantica said proudly. "Docs can’t put me under for surgery. They tell me to count to 10 and I do 100."

"Okay, smarty-pants,” Raven smiled recognizing a challenge. “Let's do this: I'll hit you with a single dose of Raven Sleep and I guarantee you'll be out like a light in a second."

"I doubt it, but let's make it interesting," Giantica said. "If you fail, I'll knock you out with a sleeper hold and I'll unmask you. Always wanted to see your face."

"Fair enough,” Raven replied taking Giantica’s huge hand and shaking it. “I succeed and you go out, I'll strip you down and I'll do a full-body exam for my study of full effects of my sleep spray."

"It's a deal!" Giantica said crushing Raven’s hand in a firm but friendly handshake. "Let's head out to the dojo sparring mat. Someone is going to take a nap."

The pair of superheroines headed to the dojo.

Soprano and the Amber Witch were sparring in the dojo and paused at the arrival of their teammates.

Soprano has a voice that allowed her to sing and scream and soar through the air using sound to impulse her. She was the famous soprano Alessandra Santore who’s famous voice became a super voice and she decided to dedicate her life to hunting injustice.

The Amber Witch was a mysterious witch and mistress of mysticism and magic. She wore deep yellow robes and wore a veil across her face. No one knew her identity. Both were light on combat skills and were encouraged to practice. They needed to be at least agile enough to dodge a blow from Raging Rhonda; neither had the fortitude to soak a hit like that.

"Giantica and I have a bet, ladies, Raven explained. "Care to act as witnesses in good faith? One of us is going to take a nap."

Soprano smiled and the Amber Witch nodded in agreement. They stepped aside so the two heroines could enter the padded dojo.

"Kneel down so I can spray your face," Raven asked her Amazon colleague. Spraying up into Giantica’s face could allow particles of Sleep Spray to fall back onto her. Raven was fairly confident she’d go out like a light with even an accidental whiff of the spray.

Giantica obliged, resting on her knees and haughtily grinning at Raven. "I've been gassed before, I tell you. My Amazon constitution is legendary. I’ll count to 100 for you."

"Night, night," Raven said pointing the small aerosol bottle in Giantica's face.

"One sleeper hold and unmasking coming up!" Giantica chuckled, her dark curls bouncing up and down.

Raven sprayed a fine mist in Giantica"s face. The mist dissipated and Giantica's grin grew wider.

"It didn't work--" she started saying before her eyes rolled up in her head, her eyes closed and she crashed to the padded floor face first.

She snored gently.

“She looks so peaceful,” Soprano observed looking closely at the Amazon. "She looks so relaxed."

"I'm disappointed,” Raven frowned. “She still managed to get three words out. Could have gotten a right hook out in about the same time."

“Still, it is impressive," Amber said. "I could have done it with a spell. Not as fast perhaps.”

“And I could sing a lullaby to put her out,” Soprano admitted, “but not nearly as fast.”

Raven gently lifted Giantica’s left eyelid and observed that the Amazon’s dark brown eyes were rolled back into her head.

As promised she removed the huge Amazon boots and battle toga leaving her in her brown-colored underwear.

“She looks so pretty asleep like that,” Soprano observed smiling at the powerful warrior prone and helpless as a baby. “How long does it last?”

“Exactly fifteen minutes. We should not be able to awaken her until it is done. The subject should awaken fresh and rested,” Raven explained. “Does anyone know if Giantica is ticklish?”

“Her feet and underarms. Her ass too if you get it just right,” Soprano said.

Raven raised an eyebrow at the detailed answer. Amber Witch turned her head inquisitively.

“Hey, we had a fling, okay?” Soprano blushed. “You learn those things.”

Raven took her huge bare feet in her hands and tickled them expertly up and down her smooth unwrinkled soles. No reaction.

Raven gave Giantica's buttocks a solid set of spanks, her hand-clapping hard again the hard and tight surface. She still remained out cold.

“That is so hot,” Soprano observed. “Do me next, please. I’ve never been put to sleep before. I’ve never been played with like that either while asleep.”

“You wouldn’t remember any of it,” Raven observed.

“No,” Soprano replied thoughtfully, “but I’d know.”

Raven nodded, recognizing the logic and thinking about the proposal. “Alright, but let’s make it interesting. I'd like to be on the receiving end of one of your lullabies. I'll give you a whiff of my spray for a chance to resist your lullaby.”

“Sounds great, who goes first?” Soprano asked.

“Flip a coin?” Raven suggested.

“Sing your lullaby to Raven," Amber Witch interrupted with a solution. "If she falls asleep I'll give you a spray. If she doesn't, she can spray you herself."

Raven and Soprano nodded in agreement.

"I'm not so confident I'll resist," Raven doubted. "My iron will resists mind control, but yours is a more subtle sort. I'll try, but if I fail, go ahead and play with me, just keep the mask on."

"This should be fun!" Soprano said clapping gleefully. "Raven, take off your utility belt and weapons. Get comfortable."

Raven obeyed placing the belt aside along with all her other weapons and gadgets. She handed the Amber Witch the Raven Sleep spray vial. She also kicked off her boots, gloves, and cape.

"Now, sit crosslegged. I'll put a cushion behind you so you are comfortable. Resist all you can, please. It's slow compared to your spray but effective. I've never had anyone hold out beyond the second stanza."

Soprano cleared her throat, hummed softly, and turned to the Amber Witch.

"Cover your ears or else you'll be affected too."

Amber obeyed and Soprano began her singing. Her voice was soft and melodious. It pulsed up and down in a droning fashion. It was soothing and relaxing.

Raven ignored the words fearing there might be a suggestion component that made the lullaby effective.

All Raven's mental guards and protections were set aside just as she had set aside her gear and weapons. She wasn't asked to, she felt warm and vulnerable but safe.

There was an ebb and flow to the song and she was somehow latched on to it. She was now ebbing and flowing. Gently swaying to the song. She tried to shake her head but the back and forth did not allow it.

She couldn't ignore the words anymore.

"Bye-bye baby, sleep for me, time for you to dream with me."

Her eyes were drooping and drooping and growing heavier.

Soprano smiled as she sang and the smile was soothing and relaxing and her voice disarmed her even more.

Raven recalled saying she'd resist. She'd try her best. But there was no resistance. Just getting more and more relaxed and more tired.

"It is time… to... sleep…" Soprano finished her second stanza with her face inches from Raven's. She gently touched Raven's eyelids that were mostly closed and they shut for good.

Raven was gone. Sound asleep in the crosslegged position.

"How deep is she?" Amber Witch asked removing her hands from her ears.

"Not much yet. I can get her as deep as I want. Cover your ears. I'll sing a deepener. She'll be oblivious to the world."

Soprano sang and the Amber Witch felt envious. She was almost tempted to listen to the song, but she would never let her guard down like that. No matter how enticing the prospect.

Raven looked blissful.

The deepener was given and Soprano guided her gently back onto the mat with her head under the cushion.

Soprano lifted a limp arm from Raven's side and let it fall. She tickled wrinkled soles that were oblivious to her exploring fingers. She regretted not having checked them before.

She removed the rest of her costume respecting her mask. She tickled her smooth underarms with her fingernails and nibbled on her rib cage, finally blowing  raspberries into her belly plunging the tip of her nose into her round and deep navel. Satisfied no one, and certainly not herself, could be touched that way while conscious and not react, she sat back pleased at her work.

"How long is she out?" Amber asked.

"Fifteen minutes. It's just a deep, deep nap," Soprano said caressing Raven's face. "So powerful, so commanding, and yet so peacefully vulnerable."

"Speaking of naps," the Amber Witch said switching gears. "Are you ready for yours?"

"I'm so excited! I've never been put to sleep before. I got knocked out by Foxy Ninja and a judo chop to the back of the head, but that actually hurt."

"I can cast a spell if you prefer," Amber suggested looking at the vial of Raven Sleep with some reluctance. Magic was always preferable to science in the witch's mind."In fact, I can cast one that will put you to sleep but your body will continue to respond to stimulus."

"That sounds interesting," Soprano said stepping out of her robe and stripping down to her underwear without a hint of modesty. "Might as well get comfortable. Test me out, I'm a ticklish nerve."

Amber stepped behind Soprano and tickled her sides vigorously. Soprano screamed shrilly and fell to the ground in a crumpled pile of flailing arms and legs.

"Now you know my weakness," Soprano confessed standing straight and calculating how to make sure she ended up next to Raven. She took a deep breath and despite her best efforts, rambled nervously. "Do your worst to me. I'm not shy. I told you I'd never been put to sleep. I'm so excited. Will I get sleepy or just go lights out? Will it be fast? Will it hurt? Will I remember anything?"

"You tell me," Amber said. "When you wake."

Amber moved her fingers gently in a studied fashion and a fine mist issued from her fingers.

"That is so cool," Soprano with widened eyes.

The mist was just in front of Soprano's face and it did not wait to be inhaled. It all of a sudden all went into her nostrils.

Surprised, Soprano drew a breath and the magic mist took instant effect. Soprano was instantly asleep. Amber caught her and held her gently before lowering her to the mat alongside Raven and Giantica.

Amber turned Soprano over and cast a shadow restraint spell and Soprano was magically held in a hogtied position. Amber did not want to be kicked when she tested Soprano. There would be no restraint to her reactions.

The Amber Witch played a few minutes running her fingers on Soprano's ribs and grazed her bare soles gently generating much twitching and thrashing but no laughter. She was pleased with the effectiveness of her spells and left with a lingering envy of being asleep and at another's mercy.

She canceled the restraint spell and Soprano's hands fell to her sides and her legs plopped limply to the mat. She lifted her arms and let them drop to the mat with a gentle thud. She was out and would remain asleep for a good while.

Giantica stirred and the Amber Witch was interested in tickling those large feet. The witch ran her fingers over the huge bare soles and the Amazon jerked away and laughed heartily before giving Amber a playful kick.

"What did I miss?" The Amazon asked looking at her sleeping colleagues. She did not seem groggy or tired after the sleep spray.

"A lullaby and a sleep spell," Amber said. "They are both happily in dreamland."

"They look cute together. I'll enjoy choking you out and adding you to the slumber party."

"Oh no, I'd never let you do that," Amber said despite feeling an urge to let the Amazon take her in her arms and lead her to unconsciousness. "I'd sooner knock you out like I did Soprano."

"It'll take just a second," Giantica persisted. "I'll squeeze gently and you'll go out like a light. I'd give you a massage while you're out. Promise you won't feel a thing on the way to dreamland."

"You'd have to beat me to the draw and I'd sleep spell you long before you got to me," Amber said considering the challenge.

“You sound mighty confident,” Giantica said. “It sounds like a dare.”

“It takes a motion of my hands and a magic word,” the Amber Witch insisted.

“If I knock you out and I get to unmask, undress and massage you,” Giantica said setting the rules of engagement and the spoils.

“If…” Amber Witch said flexing her fingers.

The sleep mist spell was on her lips when her hands were pulled behind her back.

“Hey,” she shouted. “Not fair!”

Raven held her firmly as Giantica approached.

"It's not fair all of us got put to sleep and you are staying awake,'' Raven said to Amber's hood where she calculated her ear was.

Giantica tickled the witch through her deep yellow robes and playfully enjoyed how the reserved and always in control witch laughed and guffawed under her fingers.

Giantica waved Raven away and took the witch in her grasp. Her grip was like an octopus and the Amazon wrapped around her victim and wrapped her arm around her neck.

"No, no, no…" Amber said struggling secretly excited being in the Amazon's firm control.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle. An Amazon sleeper hold will send you off to sleep.”

Giantica pressed on the Amber Witch’s neck but was disappointed when nothing happened.

“I’m not affected by yoouurrrr—” she said as Giantica’s grip finally pinched on the right nerve rendering her unconscious.

Giantica laid her gently on the mat next to Soprano.

“The Amazon sleeper hold lasts only a couple of minutes,” Giantica explained as she removed the witch's veil.

Instead of a grizzled wrinkly witch as they expected, there was a young woman's face with narrow but delicate features. She had a pixie-like element so unlike her Amber Witch persona.

Giantica pulled an eyelid up and saw her eyes were green.

As they removed her witch's robe, Amber started to stir and mumble some words.

Raven shook her vial and sprayed it in Amber's face. She instantly deepened her sleep and started to snore loudly.

She looked small and petite compared to the Amber Witch persona.

"Who would have thought someone so small could snore like that?" Raven reflected.

Giantica rolled her over and as promised began to expertly rub her back and buttocks, thighs, and calves down.

"Wow, that's so sexy," Raven admired.

"Among the Amazons, it is common to massage sore muscles among our warrior sisters. We train until we are experts. Do you want to give it a try?"

Raven took off her gloves, lubed her hands, and started working on Amber's back. The witch continued to snore contently and a small pool of drool formed at her mouth as Raven rubbed her back.

"What I wouldn't give to be in her place," Raven reflected feeling Amber's flesh under her fingers. "Maybe I'll let you--"

Giantica had deftly palmed the sleep spray as Raven took to massage Amber. Giantica sprayed Raven in the face and the masked vigilante gasped mid-sentence falling instantly asleep.

She fell over Amber cheek against cheek, both put out in an instant with Raven Sleep.

Raven snored as well but not as much as Amber. Giantica rolled her over, did an eye check for the sake of science, and gave a quick tickle to make sure she was not faking.

Giantica then peeled back the mask. Instead of raven black hair, Raven was really blond with a black wig. She looked so calm and vulnerable while asleep. Giantica felt guilty and replaced the mask keeping the details of her identity secret. At least for the rest.

She turned Raven over and massaged her lovingly taking her time and giving her all her attention from her neck all the way down to her toes.

Soprano awoke. She yawned.

"I am so tired. I could go back to sleep in an instant", she said.

"Care for a massage?" Giantica offered.

"Would I ever!" she said excitedly laying down next to Amber and facing her.

"Wow, she's younger than I thought,” Soprano observed. “I knew she was a snorer though. I sleep next to her quarters."

Giantica began to massage and Soprano talked and talked and struggled to keep still since she was so ticklish.

"What are you going to do when I get to the foot massage?" Giantica asked.

"Impossible. You'll have to knock me out."

As Amber said the words, Giantica sprayed her and she instantly fell silent. Her facial features relaxed as did the rest of her body.

Now she was cooperative and Giantica finished with gusto able to massage down to the last digit on Soprano's foot without having to deal with her ticklishness.

Francesca the housekeeper entered the dojo.

"Oh excuse me," the plump but industrious housekeeper apologized. "I was going to clean the dojo. I didn't know it was in use."

"That's okay," Giantica said waving the housekeeper into the dojo. "They won't mind. I put them to sleep with Ravens sleep spray. Rubbed them down. Actually wish I could join them."

Giantica's eyes opened wide as an idea dawned.

"Would you put me out and rub me down, Francesca? I feel guilty here awake and a massage would really hit the spot."

"Certainly, Mistress Giantica. I am trained in dozen of forms of massage. From Swedish to tantric to shiatsu."

"It works really fast," Giantica said, passing the vial of sleep spray to Francesca. The Amazon laid down on her belly and got comfortable. She lay on the other side of Soprano.

"Spray away," she said raising her head in expectation.

Francesca sprayed and nothing came out. She shook the vial again but still, nothing came out.

"Darn!" Giantica cursed. "Just my luck."

Giantica pouted for a few moments until she heard a 'pffft'  sound followed by a sharp pain in her buttock.

"What was that?" she asked.

"Tranq dart," Francesca said patting Giantica on the shoulder. "I carry it around the house. One never knows when it could come in handy."

"That won't put me down,'' Giantica replied disappointed.

"The normal dose wouldn't," Francesca said running her finger gently through Giantica's curly hair, "but I gave you the special elephant dose. It's actually coded to your Amazon DNA."

"Yes, I feel it coming on!" Giantica grinned. "My face is starting to feel numb. Pins and needles. Whoa, it's kicking in."

"Glad I could be of service, Mistress Giantica."

"This will put me down until morning," Giantica said starting to mumble her words. "But they'll be up in a few minutes."

"Don't you worry, Mistress Giantica."

Francesca shot each hero in the buttock with a normal dose tranq dart. A feathered dart protruded from each heroine's left buttock.

Francesca began to rub Giantica's shoulders and the Amazon felt warm and fuzzy mumbling unintelligible words as the tranquilizer finally overcame her.

Francesca rubbed her down. Head to toe admiring the Amazon's large limbs and hard body and remembering massaging other Amazons and having been massaged and much more than massaged by Amazons.

Finished, she looked down on the four heroines and smiled.

"They work so hard, they deserve a good rest and some special care."

She held her hand out and with her mind, she willed them to levitate and they did.

The motherly housekeeper was cautious not to reveal she also had been a superhero in her own time.

Mind over Matter was her codename. M.O.M. for short. She'd retired and now took to watching over a new generation of heroes.

She lifted them with little effort stretching her telekinetic 'muscles' in the process.

Once all were in their respective beds and all was quiet, she sent out an urgent message to the retired supervillain Doc Diabolique. With all the kids asleep, she and the Doc could engage in some intelligence and counterintelligence games without distractions.

With any luck, she'd get herself knocked out and restrained in the process.

The End

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