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Courtney gets the Evil Maid
Courtney gets a phone call.  Someone tells her who the Evil Maid is.  It is Dacey!  Police woman Courtney is going to bring Dacey to justice.

Courtney comes up behind Dacey with her gun.  After she captures Dacey she chloroforms her.  On the bed, drugged out, Courtney pulls Daceys outfit open and fondles her breasts.  On the bed Courtney chloroforms and kisses Dacey a couple of times.

Next scene Dacey is caught on the sofa and handgagged by Courtney.  Courtney fondles her breasts, keeping her handgagged.  Dacey gets some kisses and chloroformed a couple of times.

Last scene, Dacey wakes up and puts her outfit back on.  She sneaks up behind Courtney and chloroforms and fondles her.  Dacey pulls out Courtneys breasts and fondles them while chloroforming her.


Very nice!
(10-04-2021, 06:10 PM)chloroforum_admin Wrote: Very nice!


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