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Night Run
It was 1:30 AM in the hospital. The supervisor, Farrah Reed, RN, was taking her usual shortcut through the older part of the complex. Once the original hospital, it mainly consisted of store rooms and offices. It was deserted at night.

Farrah, 27, was five-ten, well proportioned with layered red hair and green eyes. She was an Army veteran, in good physical condition. She wore a green scrubs with a white lab jacket. She had a stethoscope around her neck. She carried a clipboard with her paperwork.

She was in the middle of the old building. As she passed a storeroom, the door opened behind her. Her first warning was a hand over her mouth. Another hand wrapped itself around her waist. Farrah was strong, but her attacker easily pulled her into the storeroom.

While the hand remained clamped over her mouth, the other hand moved from her waist. Before she could make a move, she felt a sharp jab in her right thigh. A burning sensation followed. The arm returned to her waist. A gruff voice said: "There ya go. That'll quiet ya down, pretty one."

"Damn, what did he give me. How much time?" She moved quickly. A heel stomped down on the nearest foot. Her elbows buried themselves in her attacker's gut. He let out a sharp cry and she was free.

"Code 73, One West.... Code 73, One West..... Code 73, One West" came over the loudspeaker. Her pager went off. She already knew who was calling.

That explained it. Farrah ran as fast as she could for the safety of the main hospital. She could hear footsteps behind her.

It came on her subtly. The corridor seemed to get gradually longer and longer. Her head seemed to slowly fill with cotton. Things began to lose focus. She lost track of what she was doing.

She was about ten feet from the safety when she stopped. She was so tired, so relaxed. She tried to remember why she was running. She didn't really care.

"There you are. I was worried. Come on, I'll take you someplace safe." The man wrapped his arm around her, and walked her back the way she had come. She felt perfectly safe. She leaned her head on his shoulder. Soon she'd be able to sleep.

He took her to an old exam room. It still had the exam table. He coaxed her to sit down. She was so tired, it didn't take much coaxing. He put her feet up. "Now I can get some sleep", she thought.

He watched her as she fell asleep. She was so beautiful. He had wanted her since he had first set eyes on her. Now she was all his. His to do whatever he wanted . And he wanted to do a lot. He bent over and gave her a deep kiss. His hands explored her body........

Fortunately everybody knew Farrah's routine. When she didn't answer her page, they started looking for her. She wasn't on any of the units. The old hospital seemed a good place to start.

Two male aides interrupted him as he was undressing her. It was a struggle, but they soon had him on the floor. Before long, more help arrived, and the patient was returned to One West, the locked Psych unit.

Farrah was taken to the ED. A few days to recover and she was back on the job.

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