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My Chloroform Experience
My best friend at the time chloroformed me when we were seniors in high school (both of us 18). It didn't happen quite the way you would think though. Let me explain.
     We were fairly typical Catholic schoolgirls, although we may have enjoyed partying a little more than most. About a month or so before graduation, my friend Laurie nervously approached me during lunch and told me that she got something we just have to try, but we need a place we can be safe from discovery for a few hours. My curiosity piqued, I said she could hang out at my house after school since my parents both work late, and we'd have the place to ourselves. Of course, I just HAD to know more, but she didn't want to say anything about it other than that I'll find out later. 
     After that encounter, it was almost impossible for me to focus on my afternoon classes because I couldn't even imagine what Laurie had planned. When the last bell finally rang, I rushed out, grabbed my stuff from my locker, and met her outside by my car where she was already waiting for me. Once we got moving, I asked her what was up with all the secrecy. She was still obviously nervous, but she replied that she wouldn't say anything about it until we got to my house. 
     I pull in the garage, we head inside, double check that nobody else is there, then go up to my room where she closes the door behind her. "Now," I'm practically glaring at her with my hands on my hips. "What the hell is all this about?"
     She looks around the room as if she's afraid someone will jump out at her, but finally reaches in her purse and shows me a small, brown glass bottle. "I swiped this from the bio lab. It's chloroform."     
     Now the only things I knew about chloroform at the time was what I had seen in movies and TV shows, so now I was nervous too. Taking a few steps back, "What the hell Laurie! What do you think you're going to do with THAT?"
      She started blushing a bit by this point. "I got a good whiff of it during class, and got this amazing rush, kind of like those whip-its we did at the concert last month, only even more intense than that. Do you want to try it?" 
     I was stunned. "Wow! You didn't pass out or fall on the floor or anything like that, did you?" 
     "Of course not! We use it to knock out small animals before dissecting them, so I know we can't do too much. A little bit though ... I can't really describe ... you just have to try it. I'll even go first if you want."
     Still skeptical, "Okaaaay. Maybe ... how do you want to do this then?" 
     "We need to be sitting down first, like on the edge of your bed. I'm going to pull the stopper, take a quick sniff from the bottle, then you grab it and quickly put the stopper back in so it doesn't spill or evaporate. If you don't like how I react, you don't have to try it obviously. But I really think you'll like this." 
     Doubtful, I nonetheless followed her instructions. After she inhaled and I stopped the bottle back up, I watched her carefully. Her eyes glazed over a bit as she gave me a slow, sleepy smile. Other than swaying from side to side a bit, she didn't seem to be in any danger of passing out, and she definitely looked like she was enjoying it. After a few minutes, she came back with a satisfied sigh. "Whew! That was intense! Your turn now?" 
     After seeing what she went through, I couldn't say no. Even though I was still a little scared, I prepared myself the best I could. After pulling the stopper out, I held the bottle up to my nose, took a small whiff, and quickly handed it back to Laurie. Within seconds, I felt a nice headrush that made everything seem to slow down. My muscles got heavy and relaxed, my head felt like it was packed in cotton, and the room was pleasantly spinning around me. I was surprised that it actually felt ... nice. It wasn't quite exactly like doing a whip-it, but similar enough to ease my fear of it. After a few minutes, it completely wore off, and I was back to normal. 
      Laurie asked me, "So, what do you think? Not bad, right? I'm gonna do another. Spot me again?"
      "Sure." I replied as I got ready to take the bottle back from her. 
     "Alright. I'm going to try to take a little more this time, so be ready." 
     I grabbed the bottle, quickly stopped it up, and set it to the side after she inhaled. Soon, her eyes started fluttering and she leaned heavily against me. I kept her from falling as she uttered a long, low "Whoooooooa."
     "Laurie! Are you okay?" I shouted, worried about her.
     "MmmmHmmmm." She sighed as I held her up, trying to banish the wicked thoughts in my head as her warm, limp body rested against mine.
     After a while, she came back around, sat up straight, and grinned. "Holeee SHIT, that was intense! If you go again, don't do that much. You won't be able to handle it." 
     "Oh really?" My competitive nature fired up. "Let's find out." I said as I grabbed and opened the bottle, inhaling deeply. Big mistake! Laurie managed to catch the bottle before it spilled, but the fumes hit me so hard, I fell flat on my back with my legs hanging over the edge of the bed. It felt like the whole world receded away from me. Not only was the room spinning hard, but black spots were blooming in my eyes. I couldn't move at all, and I was barely able to keep my eyes open. 
     As if from a great distance, I heard. "Bree! Oh no! That was too much! Are you alright? Say something!" 
     I wasn't able to utter a sound because it felt like I was paralyzed, although I managed to hold my eyes open and was able to (sort of) hear Laurie talk to me as she bent over and gently stroked my hair, telling me it would be okay.
     After a few minutes, I still wasn't able to move and Laurie lifted one of my arms and let it flop back down by my side. She did the same thing with the other arm and actually giggled. "Poor Bree. You're really out of it, aren't you?" She asked as she reached down and started toying with the hem of my skirt, slowly pulling it higher. "I could do just about anything I want right now."
     "No...stop it..." I weakly exclaimed as I tried to lift my arm enough to push her hand away. 
     She easily brushed me aside, but she paused and pouted. "Awww. You're no fun at all. You know what?" She asked as I struggled to sit up. "I think I like you better when you're helpless." She said as she picked up and opened the bottle, waving it under my nose. 
     I tried to hold my breath, but I was already inhaling when she caught me by surprise. Still weak, I quickly fell back again, my eyes heavy and fluttering. The last thing I remember is her bringing the bottle up close and whispering. "Just one more and you can sleep." 
     I have no idea how long I was out for, but when I woke up, my clothes were disheveled, and Laurie was gone.

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