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Closing Time
It’s 8:50pm on a gorgeous Saturday night in the late spring of 1999. My name is Amanda and I am a barista for a well known coffee chain and 3rd year university student. I’m 20 years old, 5’3”, 115 pounds with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and I am a total clock watcher. There is only ten minutes to go before I can close for the night, but it’s been a ghost town since seven. It usually was in our neighbourhood, especially on weekends.
Our policy was to have at least two people on until closing, but rules are meant to be broken and we would take turns leaving early. There was no point in making two of us suffer, and my good friend Laura was eager to get home.
There were only a few minutes to go when your rather typical college guy walked in. 5’11”, short brown hair, brown eyes, wearing jeans and a forest green t-shirt. I thought he was rather attractive, blushing a little, but I already had a boyfriend. He was also wearing this blue and black windbreaker which seemed strange considering the warm evening. He apologized, knowing it was late, and ordered a cappuccino. I had already put things away for the night and sighed at the thought of cleaning up again, I didn’t notice him lock the door as I walked behind the counter.
I could have sworn I had seen him before, but couldn’t place where. As soon as I handed him his coffee, he changed, his gaze narrowed making me uncomfortable. He took one step back from the counter and pulled a black handgun from his jacket, pointing it in my direction. I had nowhere to go, he stood between me and the front door, and I didn’t dare make a run for the back. In a very calm tone he told me to turn off the lights, take all the money from the register and place it on the counter. As soon as I did this he snapped it from the counter, placing it in his pocket. What came next I never would have expected.
I was trembling as he stepped behind the counter. He could tell I was scared, who wouldn’t be? He tucked the gun in the waist of his jeans, placing his hand on my shoulder, and told me to relax, that he wouldn’t hurt me.
“You want to call the police?” he asked. I nodded, holding back tears. “Well we can’t have that, at least not yet.” He took out half of a small pill and set it down in front of me. “This is a sedative, I want you to take it, it will calm you down, put you to sleep for a few hours and give me time to get away, it’s win-win.”
I grabbed the tablet and quickly swallowed it, just wanting him to leave. “We’re almost done, but that’s going to take a few minutes to work.” He said pulling out a small brown bottle and picking a cloth from the counter, folding it over several times into a thick pad.
He poured the some of the contents of the bottle onto the cloth, glanced at my nametag and put out his hand offering me the cloth. “Amanda, this is chloroform, I’m sure you’ve seen it used in movies and know what it does.” I recognized the smell having used it on some labs in organic chemistry, and I certainly knew it had been used as an anaesthetic. I stepped back against the rear counter pulling away from him. “Amanda, there are two ways we can do this, one of which you’re really not going to like. Place the cloth over your face, take a few deep breaths, you’ll go to sleep for a little while and when you wake up I’ll be gone.” He took one large step towards me, effectively pinning me between him and the cabinets.
I reluctantly took the dark brown cloth from his hand, and looked at him with pleading eyes as I placed it over my nose and mouth taking a small sample of the overpowering fumes. There was a gleam in his eye, like he really enjoyed watching this. “Just a few deep breaths Amanda, the quicker you do it the sooner I go.” With that I exhaled, held the cloth firmly over my face and took in a lungful of the intoxicating vapours, then another. At first I didn’t notice any real effect, but then almost a sparking sensation started at the top of my head. My lungs ached for fresh air but I forced myself to take another deep breath. After the fifth my head was clouded, my lips and tongue felt like rubber, my assailant was pressing himself against me now, I had hardly noticed he came so close, and although the sensation was leaving my arms and legs as I continued to breath in the sweet liquid I noticed the large bulge in his pants as he pressed against my thigh. At some point he placed his hand over mine to hold the cloth in place.
The fumes were quickly doing their job, I had to blink often in my attempt to keep the world in focus in the dim light. Standing had become next to impossible by now, the only reason I wasn’t on the floor was due to the fact I was propped up against his body. I became tired of the fight to keep my eyes open and let the world slip into darkness. “Sweet dreams Amanda.” Although he sounded miles away I distinctly heard it whispered in my ear as I was surrounded by a pleasant sense of calm. As the ringing in my ears grew stronger I had one last, unexpected reaction, as a warm tingling sensation of intense pleasure became to form between my legs...
My name is Ty.  I’m not a jock, I’m not the Alpha male of the pack or a geek just your typical university student. I like girls, and I really like sex. There is nothing wrong with me, I can easily pick them up if I want to, but I’m also pretty lazy and don’t want to work that hard at it. Many guys will mingle the entire night, spend lots of money, buy several women a drink and still go home to the lotion and tissues. I only have to find one I like, buy her one cocktail and she’s coming home with me. A little GHB, maybe a roofie, better living through science I say. Don’t get me wrong, I respect women, after all no means no... I just don’t give them a chance to say it. I became infatuated with Amanda ever since I first laid eyes on her in that first year chem class. Sweet, sexy, your typical girl next door fantasy. I had planned to slip her a little something and persuade her to come back to my place but could never separate her from her friends. This isn’t how I wanted to do it, I didn’t want to scare her, I was worried she would notice the gun was a fake, but now here she is mine for the night.
Brushing her soft blonde locks from her eyes I gaze at the blank, peaceful expression that now graces her face, after three years I’m finally alone with the object of my obsession. The aubergine eye shadow and crimson lipstick compliment her quiet features beautifully as her relaxed mouth open ever so slightly. I pick Amanda’s limp form up into a cradle carry, while doing so catching a whiff of her subtle perfume nearly send me over the top. I place her form on the soft brown leather sofa in the alcove to the right of the front door.  Looking out the window at the last signs of daylight as I draw the shades, it’s our time to be together.
I pull the tie on the back of her black apron and lift the strap from around her neck, tossing the offending garment in the corner, to hide such beauty is a crime. Her white cotton v-neck t-shirt had ridden up exposing a tone midriff. I rub my hand over her porcelain abdomen, down the front of her light grey cotton skirt cut just above the knee, pulling off her grey flats to exposing her lovely feet.  I was disappointed to see her toes weren’t painted but given the circumstance I was just happy to be with her.
Lifting her arms over her head, I pull off her top with two quick tugs, exposing the light pink lace bra containing her perky B cups. I have been waiting for this moment for so long, undoing the two buttons, I slide the zipper down her skirt, my pulse quickens as I side the material over her hips and down her smooth, shapely legs. I step back taking in her stunning, unconscious form in its entirety.  Lying motionless on the small couch, clad only in her bra and matching pink, lace bikini panties. Despite the risk I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos with the camera on my phone.
Did I imagine it, or did her arm just move.  A small moan escapes her lips, as I lunge for the cloth on the nearby table. I place the still damp rag over her face, she lets out as small sigh as the small slits of white disappear behind her eyelids once again. Leaving the cloth in place for another minute, hoping it will last long enough for the full effects of the rohypnol to kick in.
I begin to explore her body, kissing her all over. I reach behind her back, releasing the clasp on her bra, freeing her breasts to the world. I lean in to start kissing and sucking these breathtaking examples of femininity, placing my hand on her warm mound in the process. I immediately pull back and look down, in the twilight I can see a rather obvious wet spot has appeared on the thin lacy fabric. Sliding myself lower on her body and taking in the aroma I’m pleasantly surprised to find that she seemed to find something arousing about her situation.
I’m good but not that good, having hardly touched her, she must have found something sexually exciting. Some people have a strong fetish for sleep, even if they won’t admit it to themselves. Judging by how eager Amanda was to inhale from the cloth, it seems like she truly enjoys being knocked out. It’s not like I would have entertained the request but she didn’t even ask if I could tie her up instead.
I lift her bottom, and slowly peel her panties off exposing her womanhood. My hands tremble as I massage my hand over her smooth hairless slit. I pull one of her eyes and can tell right away that she won’t be coming back anytime soon.  I strip down to my boxers, and despite the small size of our makeshift bed manage to cherish several hours, spooning with my dreamgirl, methodically exploring every inch of her body, happy that Amanda wasn’t the one who got away.
Having spent several hours in ecstasy, looking towards the clock I was signalled to wrap up our night together. Grabbing my clothes, I quickly got dressed. Having enough time to sweep this lovely girl up, placing her over my shoulder carrying her around the shop, enjoying our last intimate moments together before we returned to our own worlds apart. Taking extra care while I redressed her, leaving her in a comfortable position for when she awoke.
I placed the money back in the register, after all I’m not a robber I’m a romantic. A friend who had briefly worked at this same location a year earlier had told me where the video was recorded. Stepping into the supply room I reached up, switching the tapes for blank ones, then quietly made my exit out the back.
The sound of the occasional car driving by were the first sensations welcoming me back to the world, a small streak of intense red light from the rising sun slipping between the shade and the window frame danced across my face. I flinched a few times trying to clear the sleep from my head which still felt as if it was full of cotton. The rest of the my body had yet to catch up with me, as when I attempted to get off the sofa I did little more than push myself onto the cold tile. Taking a moment, I pick myself up and survey the room, the details of the previous night start coming back to me but they remain vague. Not certain why I’m so groggy and lethargic, and not sure what I’m still doing at work at 5:30am I attempt to piece the events of the previous evening back together. A guy came in for coffee...

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