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Dacey the Evil Maid 2
Irene arrives at her room to be serviced by Dacey the Evil Maid and, as expected, received terrible service.  Dacey demands a tip, but Irene sets her straight

While Irene is sleeping Dacey sneaks in and chloroforms her.  Irene struggles against the chloroform but eventually goes out

The next scene the Evil Maid (Dacey) surprises Irene with chloroform, hidden under some towels.  Dacey fondles Irene breasts as she is getting chloroformed.

Next scene Irene is on the phone, making a complaint.  While Irene is on-hold Dacey sneaks up on her and chloroforms her.

The last scene Irene is tied up, the Evil Maid comes in and chloroforms her a little.  Dacey fondles her breasts and then ties the cloth over her mouth.

Dacey the Evil Maid 2


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