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JiuJitsu Friends
“No way, nuh uh, there is no way that would work. You simply can’t reinvent how the body responds to a choke hold.” quipped Emily.

“Yeah, it would be way too dangerous to try that.” said Rob.

“Trust me, I think I’ve got the magic touch.”  replied Sean.

“In your dreams.” Laughed Emily

“No, but maybe in your dreams.” shot back Sean with a grin as he took another sip of his beer.

“We’ll count me out.” “You two have fun, I’ll see you in class Tuesday.” said Rob as he got up from their table at the bar.

“Oss!” chanted Emily and Sean in unison as they raised their drinks to their friend.

As she watched Rob leave the bar Emily took a sip of her wine, looking deep in thought for a moment.

“Okay, you have my attention. How does this hold work?” asked Emily

“Anything to get an edge, huh?” grinned Sean

“Well a hold that takes less effort, and can  safely knockout your opponent for at least 15 minutes. That is incredible, more like unbelievable.” said Emily gulping the rest of her wine. “So how does it work?”

“You know who hard it is to simply describe a jiu jitsu technique. I would need to show you.” said Sean

“Fine. Then show me.” smiled Emily lowering her eyes “I mean, I seriously doubt it would work, so I think I’m pretty safe.” chimed Emily with newfound confidence.

“Okay, how about my place tomorrow night. Say 7:00?” suggested Sean casually.

“It’s a date.” laughed Emily getting up from the table. She strutted forwards the door in her romper flicked her brown hair over her right shoulder then looked back and gave Sean a wink before leaving the bar.

Sean sprinted to the door as the bell rang, then opened it with a cool confidence.

On the step stood Emily in black yoga pants, a white drifit jacket zipped to just show a hint of the top of her dark purple sports bra, hair pulled back in a high ponytail. 
“May I come in?” she asked already knowing the answer as she push gently past Sean.

“Yea - yeah, the mats are downstair, you can change in the bathroom.” stammered Sean.

As Emily changed in the bathroom Sean slipped on his black gi then took a small silver spray can and misted the crook of each of his elbows with the substance.

A few minutes later Emily emerged in her white gi and stepped into Sean’s basement rec room. Surveying the gym mats spread across the floor Emily gently dropped her gym bag by the door.

Emily playfully wriggled her painted toes and bobbed up and down “Okay okay show me.” she eagerly chanted.

Sean gestured for Emily to sit and got in a kneeling position behind her, both facing a floor to ceiling mirror.

“It’s just a variation of your basic rear naked choke” he described “Focusing on a monetary compression of the C2 nerve.” Sean bluffed.

It all sounded good and technical but was meaningless. Sean knew that the real magic came from the solvent he misted on his jiu jitsu uniform.

It had a faint chemical scent but no more than freshly dry cleaned clothes.

“Ready?” Sean asked with a hint of nervous tension.

“Ready.” sang back Emily as she spread her legs out in a gentle V, closed her eyes momentarily while rolling her shoulders, the looked directly in the mirror with a beaming smile.

Sean felt himself instantly grow hard as he looked at the reflection of Emily, shifting his bulged away from her back.

He swept his right arm around her neck, being extra careful to bunch up some of the saturated material directly under her nose and mouth, then with his left hard gently forced Emily’s head forward into the fabric.

Emily had experienced this submission many times before but was impressed by Sean’s technique.

While often tapping out in class and occasionally having passed out from an expertly applied choke, she was amazed at how gentle Sean was.

It felt more like a playful squeeze that may be applied by a lover rather than a firm and aggressive pressure meant to end a fight.

Looking at herself in the mirror Emily wondered how long this may take. A competent grappler could render someone unconscious in about ten seconds while she had already counted to that silently to herself without feeling any effect.

Emily tried to raise her arm to tap Sean and tell him his technique didn’t work as expected, but was surprised how heavy her arm felt as she tried to lift it.

She got her arm up about halfway and paused, Emily tried to focus on it hanging in mid air, and became acutely aware of the tingling in her fingers and toes. The overall heaviness of her body was confusing.

Sean intently watched Emily’s reflection, paying special attention to her eyes as the became glassy and unfocused. As she tried to raise her arm then passed mid flight Sean almost lost it. His erection was ready to tear though his pants as he knew he had her.

Emily’s head was felt full of cotton as her mind buzzed. She tried to shift her gaze but saw everything blur in slow motion.

Emily wanted to tap and would normally be concerned that she didn’t feel able to. She tried to say something to Sean but her tongue felt like jelly and her jaw was weak. All she could manage was a little mumbled sigh. 

Emily didn’t even want to tap now, she felt calm, relaxed and happy. She knew what would come next, she would go to sleep, have a little dream, and wake up in a bit feeling a little disoriented but otherwise fine as had happened to her many times before while training.

Sean also knew what would come next and he watched Emily’s arm drop lower as ms lower until it was resting in her lap, her eyes fell low the gently closed, and finally her body sagged into Sean completely as the anesthetic took effect.

Sean picked up Emily’s right hand and let it drop back into her lap. Emily was completely gone to the world, the full weight of her body sinking back against Sean.

Sean slid back and let Emily softly drop face up on the mats. Her face peaceful, lips slightly parted, arms by her sides and legs spread. 

Sean admired her sleeping form but knew time was short. 
A choke hold may knock someone unconscious for 5 to 10 seconds, Sean had Emily believing his technique could last for 15 minutes, which was how long the anesthetic may keep her asleep for. Sean knew he could dose Emily again but anything more than half and hour may make her wonder what happened.

Sean shook Emily gently and gave her hand a soft pinch with so sign of her stirring. Brushing her cheek slightly got no response she either.

Sean leaned in and gave Emily a passionate kiss. Exploring her lips, softly flicking her tongue with his.

He untied her belt and opened the lapels of her gi. Her simple purple sports bra covering her firm C cup breast. Hard little nubs showing some degree of arousal from his sleepy plaything.

Sean lifted Emily and pulled the jacket from her limp form.

Untying her cotton pants, he lifted her hips slightly then yanked the loose, shapeless garment from her.

Sean lustfully stared at Emily as he removed his uniform, his aching bulge hardly contained in his athletic shorts.

Emily lay motionless before him, clad only in her Nike Pro shorts and matching bra.
He ran his hands over her body, exploring her breasts and placing a hand on her warm mound.

A gently sigh of pleasure escapes Emily’s lips as Sean fondles her. He quickly grabs his jacket and places the sleeve over Emily’s face. The powerful vapour works quickly and drops her back into a deep sleep.

Sean glances at the clock in the corner, his time is half up. He removes her bra and pulls the shorts off her perfect legs.

Almost shaved and what if left is neatly trimmed. Even without makeup her beauty stuns. Sean eases himself close and gently forces himself in. He doesn’t last long. The warm velvety pocket sends him over the top almost immediately. 

He towels Emily off and gently redresses her, careful that nothing is out of place.

Tying her belt just as Emily left out a small groan. While generally harmless the anesthetic packs a punch. Emily’s eyes slowly open, awake but not quite back yet.

She stares at the ceiling, disoriented for a few moments, then a look of realization hitting her.

“Wow”! She exclaimed as she quickly tries to get to her feet.

“Whoa!” as she almost collapses to the mat.

“How do you feel?” Asks Sean with a sense of concerned tension in his voice.

“That was crazy.” said Emily as she slowly stood up placing a hand to her head. “I still feel so dizzy. How long was I out?” 

“Almost half an hour.” said Sean. 
“A half hour?!” choked Emily as she sipped from her water bottle. “I’m going to be late, I need to run.” she picked up her bag and walked towards the other room to change.

“Can we try this again sometime? I would
love to learn to do that.” she called out.

As Emily changed she started to realize something wasn’t right. As she removed her gi her belt was tied backwards, the drawstring on her pants was knotted different too. She briefly ran her hands over her body then stopped, looking towards the door, biting her lip. 

Stepping out of the bathroom in her street clothes she allowed Sean to walk her to the door. Exchanging a friendly hug she steeped outside and locked on to his eyes and in a sultry voice said “Like I said Sean, you really need to show me how to do that sometime.”

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