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ISO stories from
If I'm not mistaken, I believe there was a fairly decent story section on the now defunct Slumberville website. (  I tried to access it via the Wayback machine, but no luck. There are plenty of snapshots taken by the Wayback Machine, but so far it looks like they are one dimensional. That website changed completely at least once over the years and it seems like the stories were on the older page. The one with the big blue "Slumberville" at the top. Anyway, does anyone have access to these stories or have them saved? Or point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
No such luck.
I think the original mods of that forum warned everyone and hoped the members would help port the stories over to the form run by Eve I think but only a handful were done.
I'm surprised the last chloro forum didn't have the same involvement as the previous one.
I've lurked here for a bit and finally joined, this forum deserves better. Lots of members but no involvement.

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