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Another Failed Attempt
Another Failed Attempt

Dacey creeps into the room and chloroforms Akira.  Dacey fondles and kisses Akira.

Next scene, Akira pretends to be Daceys slave.  Dacey sucks on Akiras tongue.  Akira surprises Dacey and places a gas mask over Daceys mouth and gases her.  Akira fondles Daceys breasts.  Dacey is given the gas mask again.

Next scene, Dacey is made to suck Akiras breasts.  When Dacey is talking on the phone she surprises Akira and chloroforms here.

Last scene, both girls are naked.  Dacey makes Akira her a slave and demonstrates to the slave buyers that you just need chloroform to control them

Another Failed Attempt

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(05-10-2021, 09:19 AM)chloroforum_admin Wrote: Nice!!

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