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My Chloroform Kidnap Fantasy
Someone in my private messages asked me for my fantasy so I wrote this up real quick.
Quote:I'm walking to my house alone. I don't notice someone sneaking up behind me until they put the chloroform to my face. I squirm and let out a few muffled shouts but I can't resist the urge to keep breathing and let the drug take me. My shouts turn to moans as I lose track of what's going on and lose consciousness. That last thing I remember is my body being pulled into a vehicle as I go limp. The assailant keeps me drugged up and unconscious for hours while having their way with my limp body. The next thing I'll remember is regaining consciousness in a part of town I don't recognize. Luckily, I still have my phone and wallet. The only thing that was taken from me was the pair of socks I was wearing.

Feel free to PM me.

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