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clips4sale dying for me
Hi all,

Is it me or has clips4sale taken a recent turn downwards.  There used to be a lot of sleepy stuff there but now it appears its gone down hill.  Like to the point I don't even buy anything any longer - thats from buying something once a week.

Does anyone else feel the same ?

Are there any alternatives ?
In the last week or so they have completely disabled the Limp Fetish and Resting Fetish categories. I'm guessing they have been forced to do this to retain banking access. Limp fetish was one of their most popular categories so it would be hurting them. Studios are still producing stuff and posting it but most of it is impossible to find. The best way at the moment is to go to specific stores we know produce the videos. Keyword searching just isn't reliable enough - it picks up a heap of unrelated categories. The category "DID" picks up some stuff but completely misses most studios.
As Hwolf says, if they find sleepy content on a store, they remove it. It's a sad state of affairs. For producers, if you want another biller, there is one I have in mind
Yeah, i noticed an increase in sales once clips4sale removed the limp fetish category.  I'd be interested if another clip store takes up the category
Yeah I noticed that! Although there is still a fair amount of sleepy contents if you like Superheroines!

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