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Taken By Night (FFF/F -- Hypnosis, Femdom, Foot Fetish)

Here's cover art and the synopsis for my new hypnosis/foot fetish story "Taken By Night".  It takes place in the world of Van Helsing and examines what happens when Dracula's three brides decide they want to kidnap Anna Valerious to tickle torture her feet.  If you are interested in seeing the whole story, you can message:

1) Email me (
2) Message me
3) Check out my Patreon --

[font=Cambria, serif]Sleepy Soles Vol. 13: Taken By Night[/font]

Dynamic:  FFF/F
Fetishes: Vampires, Sleep, Feet, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Femdom, Horror, Vore, Tickling, Foot Worship,  Bondage

KO Method: Hypnosis

Synopsis: “Taken By Night” follows Anna Valerious, the last living heir to the Romanian throne,  as Dracula’s three brides attempt to kidnap her.  However, before returning Anna to their Master, all three brides are compelled to indulge a fetish each of them share -- the love of sweaty, pretty feet.  Once Anna is under their control, they each take turns torturing their shackled victim until they’ve had their fill.  

This story is perfect for anyone who loves atmospheric ambiance set in the times where Dracula was king.  See if Anna can escape the clutches of Dracula’s minions, or if they will succeed in fulfilling their deepest sexual desires…
Great work Brock
(10-17-2020, 11:03 AM)damselsinperil Wrote: Great work Brock

Much appreciated -- I did not draw the cover myself (Le Marco did), but I wrote the story the cover was made for and designed the composition for the cover on my own.  I'm glad you like it-  Looking forward to releasing the full story on my Patreon in the upcoming weeks Smile

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