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A Trip to the Seaside
Part 1

The town was busy as I made my way along the promenade from the railway station enjoying the breeze and the slightly sulphuric taste of the fresh sea air. Although out of season the place was busy, mostly with groups of adults some of whom were wearing military uniforms. I assumed that was why I was having difficulty finding a room on such short notice. It hadn’t been the best of weeks as I had found out that my firm was downsizing and I was on the list of potential redundancies then my now ex-girlfriend had decided that she needed to grow as an individual and asked that I leave the flat that we had been renting for the past two years. I ended up throwing my stuff in the back of the car and heading back to my old room at mums. Anyway, in order to clear my head, I had taken the last-minute decision to jump on a train for a break and ended up at the seaside. I stopped then decided to try my luck a couple of streets back for a hotel, it might be quieter off the main drag.
I found myself drawn to large hotel three streets back, The Royale. It was a bit faded but there was something about it I liked so bounded up the stairs where a doorman held the door open for me. I nodded a thanks. “Welcome sir,” the man said. Inside the decoration was well maintained but slightly dated. There was a restaurant on one side and a hall for entertainment on the other. I approached the reception desk and nodded at the woman sitting behind it.
“How can I help you sir?” she asked.
“I would like a room please,” I replied.
“Do you have a reservation?”
“No, I am just trying my luck.” The woman gave me a look that wasn’t promising, like I had made a mistake. “It was kind of a last-minute decision to come here.” A man in a grey suit, white shirt and black tie appeared from an office behind the desk.
“How are we sir?”
“Fine, just looking for a room,” I said smiling.
“The town is busy this weekend sir. A couple of conferences on.” The receptionist continued to punch away of the keyboard of her computer. “You will struggle to find a room in a good hotel, especially one as prestigious as The Royale,” the man seemed proud of the place.
“Sir, you are in luck,” the receptionist replied. That’s a nice change, I thought. Perhaps bad luck didn’t come in groups of three after all. “It seems that we had a cancellation twenty minutes ago.”
“I’ll take it,” I said. I went about the process of checking in and paying for the room before the receptionist handed the key to the man.
“Tony here will show you to your room and take your luggage,” Tony smiled as the receptionist turned and headed for the office. “Room 519 Tony.”
“No, that’s fine I will make my own way. Just this bag,” I lifted up my battered holdall. “Just point me in the right direction.
“If you’re sure,” Tony said. I nodded and Tony gave me directions. “If you need anything else, let me know.”

“Thank. I don’t want to be disturbed so if anybody asks, I am not here,” I winked and slid a folded bank note across the desk.
“I understand sir. Here at The Royale we respect the privacy of our guests,” Tony winked.
The directions were good and I found the room easily and went inside. It was neat and tidy with a double bed, large wardrobe, bedside cabinets and a bathroom. I chucked the bag on the bed before hanging my jacket up in the wardrobe. The events of the past week had caught up with me and I was a bit tired. As I was planning on a late night to unwind, I decided that I would try and get a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon. I went into my bag and pulled out my pyjamas, toilet bag and headed for the bathroom looking forward to a long, hot shower.
As I exited the bathroom, I noticed the laundry basket sitting beside the bed. I stopped and look at it. Now, unless I was going mad it wasn’t there when I went for a shower and I hadn’t heard the door opening or any shouts from staff about entering the room. My focus was solely on the laundry cart as I headed toward beside cabinet, looking to use the phone to call reception. Not paying attention to anything else in the room I pick up the phone and was about to dial reception I sensed movement behind me followed by a whiff of perfume. I paused and suddenly a hand wrapped around my waist and I felt myself pulled backward and held tightly against another body. Before I could say anything, a hand was clamped over my mouth. I could tell by the feminine curves of the body that the person that had grabbed me was a woman. The arm around my waist was removed and then I felt a sharp, metallic object jab into my back, just below my ribs. “OOMMWW,” I moaned into the hand over my mouth.
“Don’t move, don’t even make a sound.” I nodded my head as much as possible, my head was pressed against the woman’s breasts so I don’t have the full range of movement, to show that I will be compliant with her instructions. Well who wouldn’t with what was obviously a gun in their back. Whoever this woman was, she was obviously a thief raiding hotel rooms and I had surprised her, don’t get in her way and she will leave soon enough. I then hear footsteps on the thick carpet and a woman wearing the uniform of the hotel maid service appeared. Well, no problem there are just two thieves. The woman was around five six with long black hair and piercing light brown eyes, very pretty. I also noticed that the maids uniform hugged the contours of her body extremely tightly. If the situation was different, I may have asked her out for a drink. The woman had something in her right hand. “Put your arms out,” the woman whispers into my ear. Although I find this a strange request I comply and the woman standing in front of me slaps padded leather cuffs on both of my wrists. They are now bound together with a short chain between them.
“MMUUPPHH,” I moan again into the hand confused. What I assumed was a gun was then pressed deeper into my back as a sign that I have done something wrong.
“I suspect you think that we are robbing hotels rooms,” the woman whispered into my ear. Once again, I nod, rubbing the back of my head against her breasts. “Well, we would need to tie you up to make our escape.” Now, that does make sense. I suppose I can take being loosely bound for a bit. “Now when I remove my hand no noise as Erin gags you.” Gags me! I didn’t think about that. The hand is removed and I take me chance.
“There isn’t really MMUUPPHH,” the hand goes quickly over my mouth, even tighter than before. I was just trying to tell them there was nothing much to steal from the room, some cash in my wallet, my phone and not much else.
“What did I say about being quiet?” I feel another jab into my back.  I nod and raise my cuffed hands in a gesture of surrender and apology. The hand is removed again and I keep my mouth shut which actually was a problem as Erin was bringing a large, wadded up white cloth toward my mouth.
“Open wide,” Erin said. Not wanting to risk being hurt I comply and Erin stuffs the cloth into my mouth quickly and I find my mouth being completely filled with soft cotton, at least it tasted clean. The cloth was that large that Erin had to force it all in by prodding it with her fingers. I moaned slightly as this task was completed. Erin delved into a bum bag fastened around her waist and produced another cloth of identical material but perhaps a bit longer with a knot tied in the centre. The young woman lined up the knot with my mouth and placed it right in the centre, taking both ends and reaching around my head to tie them together, tightening it so that it is tight and forces the wad of cotton already in their deeper into my mouth. I moaned again. Assuming that was Erin finished I was surprised as she went back into her bum bag and came back out with a very large and thick wad of cotton wool pleats and a large white silk scarf. I couldn’t believe that Erin was going to gag me further but that is exactly what happened, placing a thick wad of cotton wool over my mouth and then tying the ends of the silk scarf at the back of my head tightly, I moaned again the tightening on the knot compressed the thick wad of cotton wool against my lips. Surely, that was Erin finished. I was wrong. A roll of flesh coloured medical elasto-crepe cotton bandage and wrapped that around the lower part of my face seven or eight times before she used several wrappings of micro-foam tape to keep everything in place. Even if I wanted to speak now, not only would it be difficult as my gag prevent my tongue, lips or jaw from moving in the normal patterns of speech but the amount of fabric prevented any noise from escaping.
“Finished Penelope,” Erin said with a smile.
“Good job,” Penelope said as she ran a hand around my gag. And she walked to stand next to Erin. “Very, effective.” I just stood there and seethed at them over my heavily gagged mouth. I could now see both of my attackers. Penelope was a tall, elegant woman in her late thirties with shoulder length dark hair and was currently standing with her hands behind her back. No doubt the gun dangling menacingly from one of her hands. “Now, get on the bed and lie with your hands over your head.” I assumed that they were going to tie me to the bed so did as instructed. As I walked to the bed, I saw Erin reach into the laundry cart and produce a large, white blocky package and start to unfurl it. After lying on the bed Penelope jumped onto the bed and sat astride me with a knee of either side of me and her bum resting partly on my chest leaning over and pining my arms down. I was now slightly more uncomfortable with what was happening.
“Ready,” Erin said. I couldn’t see what was happening beyond the smirk on Penelope’s face. Then I felt hands on the waist of my pyjama bottoms as they were started to be pulled down.
“MMMUUUPPPHH,” I moaned and started to struggle and thrash but the way that Penelope was positioned I couldn’t move and didn’t have the leverage or strength to move her.
“This is why I do this at this point. Stop struggling will you.” I did and felt my bottoms behind removed. “This isn’t some kinky game. Erin is going to put an adult nappy on you now.”
“MMMOOOHHH,” I moaned, I was embarrassed about this turn of events and could feel my cheeks becoming red.
“Don’t worry it is just to stop you wetting the bed. Who knows how long you will be tied up for in here after we have gone?” I had to admit that it was a valid point and beside who else would find out. So, I stopped struggling and lifted my hips and allowed Erin to slip the nappy under my bottom. “Good boy.” Penelope said. There was a tap on my hip that I took as the sign to lower my hips, when I did my bottom hit a thick, padded surface that I assumed was the nappy. I heard some rustling then felt the front being folded over my private areas. There was a bit of discomfort as Erin made sure the nappy was fitting snuggly before using the sticky tabs to secure it in place. With that job now complete Erin slipped on my pyjama bottoms and they helped me up into a standing position a couple of yards away from the bed. Erin was delving into the laundry cart again and came out with six padded leather straps. “Hold still,” Penelope said as Erin used two of the larger straps on my upper body to pin my arms tightly to my body. After those straps were secured to Erin’s satisfaction she moved down to my legs and used the straps on my upper thighs, I moaned as Erin tightened that strap due to the nappy. “Don’t be a baby,” Penelope commented as Erin used the final three straps to bind my legs just above and below the knee, as a final bit of binding Erin final strap around my ankles. I was growing more nervous with every strap. I mean how many thieves carried around this kind of stuff on the chance they bumped into someone that they had to tie up. Surely a roll if duct tape would be sufficient? They both were now standing in front of me, looking my bound and gagged figure up and down. Penelope produced what I assumed had been a gun from behind her back and held it up.
“OOMMOOWW,” I moaned. It was a tube of lipstick and not a gun. I had let myself be tied up under threat of cosmetics.
“Now, I am sure that you are wondering what is happening. You must think that this is a robbery but the only thing that we are taking form this room is you.”
“MMMMHH, UURRPPMM,” I moan basically silently as my eyes widened in shock, start to move around only to almost topple over.
“Well, that was pointless. And I did say I suspect you think this is a robbery.” They both had wide grins on their faces. Well, I suppose I had to concede that point. But why would they want to take me anyway, I wasn’t important. Perhaps they thought they needed a hostage.
“We aren’t quite finished yet.” I watched with interest as the top was pulled off the laundry cart by Erin. Penelope had an arm around my waist holding me tightly which seems totally unnecessary given my current bindings. I watched on as first one, then a second and finally a third sleeping bad was pulled out and deposited on the bed. I shrugged and assumed that Erin was emptying the laundry cart for them to put me in it, to get me out of the hotel unseen. But I was wrong in that assumption. “I know you are thinking but you are wrong, the sleeping bags are for you!”
“OOUUMMPPHH,” I moaned as I took in the three sleeping bags, one light blue, one dark blue and the other was red, were now lying out on the bed. From left to right they got bigger, the last was monstrously huge and looked bigger than any sleeping bag that I had seen before. It was a massively puffy blue lump of nylon and down.
“Just for the avoidance of doubt it isn’t what one fits you best. It’s all three.” I swallowed hard and started to really panic. It was my own fault I should have resisted earlier but now I was in the hands of these clearly very weird women. Penelope aided me as I hopped over to the far side of the bed, which was made harder with a nappy. Once they had me positioned to their satisfaction, they grabbed the thinnest, and that was a relative term, of the sleeping bags, the light blue one and pulled it to the edge of the bed. Erin opened it up and then Penelope guided me down with her hands on my shoulders until I felt my bum hit the sleeping bag. “Now, swing your legs up and in.” I did as instructed and found that I was now lying in the sleeping bag. Erin quickly pulled the top over and fastened the zip before I could get out, it was a double zip and Erin clipped them together with a small travel padlock. I was now encased in a down cocoon with no means of escape from inside. I heard the second bag being opened and for some reason I tried to resist more this time but bound as I was there was little I could do to stop my would be kidnappers from pulling the second bag, this one had a centre zip and was red, up and over my body and zipping it closed around me. As Erin grabbed the last bag, the massive dark blue one, I looked my eyes widened at how puffy it was. The bag was so laughably, monstrously inflated with down that when laid on the bed in was already as big I was cocooned in two sleeping bags. The air was filed with the swish of nylon and my extremely muffled pleas for mercy. However, the thickness of the gag insured that anything I said was far to unintelligible to understand. “Don’t worry, you will be nice and comfy,” Penelope commented and laughed at the same time. This woman seemed to be enjoying this part of the abduction far too much. I heard a zip and then the swishing of nylon fabric as the monstrous third bag was fully opened. Working together the two women managed to shimmy across my current down cocoon and began to work me into the third sleeping bag, which considering how thick my down cocoon of bondage already was not going to be easy. It took then almost five minutes to get me and my down cocoon inside the final bag and zip it up. I gave a very weak scream that was part defiance, part frustration; I was far too exhausted from my earlier pathetic and pointless struggling at that point to do much more. Once again Erin took a small luggage padlock and used it to secure the double zips together. “Wriggle around and get comfy. But not too much as the heat will build up.” Comfy! With the amount of soft down and nylon currently pressing down on my body from all directions it was hard to move but I tried all the same. Finally, the women grabbed leather straps and began to apply them to my giant sleeping bag cocoon. Even through the massive amount of down I could feel the straps being tightened, eventually they had five straps around me from shoulders to ankles with the material of the bag bulging out that much the straps were difficult to see. Not that I could see much from my current position. Penelope and Erin both patted the outside of my down cocoon. “One last sweep to make sure we haven’t missed anything and we can head off.” I heard Penelope say. I flung my head back in frustration, I couldn’t believe that I had been so easily subdued by these two women. Although they were clearly professionals it was still embarrassing. I decided to stay calm and say my strength for later, plus Penelope has been correct any movement just ramped up the heat.
They must have completed the sweep as Penelope’s head appeared over mine. “Now, I know what you are thinking. How are they going to get me out of here without anyone noticing, even in the laundry cart? Even as tightly packaged and restrained I can thrash about, cause a disturbance, maybe knock something over, cause enough of a fuss to get some attention.” That was exactly what I was thinking if I was being honest, what I was conserving my strength for. There was no way that they could smuggle past everyone in the hotel. “Well, this is where this comes in,” Penelope raised a small bottle made of dark glass with an evil grin on her face. “This is chloroform.”
“HHHMMMUUUPPPHHH,” I moaned but it was absolutely pointless.
“Look, there is nothing that you can do to avoid being chloroformed. The more you fight it the worse it is.” I hated to agree with her but she was correct, bound as I was there was absolutely nothing I could do. “So, you may as well take it like a big boy.” Now she was just being condescending. “It will just put you to sleep for an hour or two. I can’t lie though the smell isn’t the best and you will have a sore head when you come back round.”  Penelope uncapped the bottle before grabbing a large wad of cotton wool peat in her other hand and scrunched it up. I watched on as Penelope poured what I considered to be a generous amount of the chloroform onto the cotton ball.
I saw the massive cotton will ball get bigger as it loomed toward me, although still some way from my face I could smell the fumes wafting from it, they were sickly sweet. I knew that it wasn’t like in the old black and white television shows where the damsel, I just realized that I was the damsel in distress in this movie, where a handkerchief was held over her nose and ten seconds after that she would be out. It could take anything between sixty seconds and two minutes to put me fully out. Instinctively I turned my head away. “Now, that isn’t nice.” I moaned before turning my head back. The instant it was the back to acing Penelope the cotton ball was thrust over my nose, forcing me to inhale the overwhelming scent of chloroform through my nostrils. The initial hit of the fume caught the back of my throat as the scent of the potent chemical filled my breath. Part of my brain was telling me to fight off the cotton ball that was forcing me to inhale the fumes but I managed to resist that with no more than a slight squirm inside my down cocoon. I continued to take even breaths letting the drug invade and then dull my senses, my head became fuzzy and I couldn’t focus on anything. My eyes were starting to water. I continued to inhale and could feel the drug start to affect my body, my limbs felt disconnected from my body, everything was beginning to relax as my field of vision started to narrow as I started to feel extremely tired. Time seemed to slow down and I could feel my eyelids getting heavy and had great difficulty keeping them from closing, my eyelids fluttered and but I managed to force then open, I don’t know why, the whole point was to slip into unconsciousness. I involuntarily moaned again and I was almost out when the cotton ball was removed from over the lower half of my face but relief was short lived as Penelope placed the chloroform-soaked ball neatly into a dust mask, before placing it over my nose and gagged mouth, tying the traps behind my head. There was no escaping the fumes and I knew that a couple more breaths and I would be out. the last sensation before my eyes closed was being lifted off the bed in my down cocoon. Then everything went black.
“That’s him out,” Erin said to Penelope as they lowered the large down cocoon containing my unconscious form into the laundry cart. Erin pulled the top back over to hid what was inside from prying eyes.

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