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Sleepy Soles Vol. 1: Jamie's Sleepy Bet
Here's the opening Chapter to the first sleepy foot fetish story I ever published.  It's a M/F drugged drink scenario.  Link to the full story is provided below the excerpt.  Feel free to send me a message if you want to know more Smile

“Jamie’s Sleepy Bet”
Chapter 1

Jamie always thought she was the toughest person in the room.  Don’t get me wrong, she could handle herself, but every once in a while she’d a talk a game she couldn’t back up.  Even so, I found her incredibly attractive.  Her features were beautiful, and she had the most sensual feet I had ever seen.

Jamie and I initially started hanging out as friends due to our love of movies.  Every Friday she’d come over and we’d watch a film that neither of us had seen.  We’d drink booze, eat pizza, smoke weed, and talk for hours upon hours once the movie had ended.  On one of these nights, we ended up drinking much more than expected—a bottle of Jack Daniels between the two of us.  Not long after finishing the whiskey, Jamie’s tough side emerged.  

“I’ve never had surgery before, but if I did, I bet the anesthesia wouldn’t knock me out,” she bragged.

“Oh, really?” I smiled.

“Yeah, really.  All those bitch-asses, just passing out, their eyes rolling to the back of their head.  Ha!  Not me.  I’d fight that shit.”

Usually I’d let her run her mouth.  She was so cute when she got excited, and I always enjoyed listening to her speak.  But that night was different.  I was feeling pretty drunk and had always wanted to play with her feet, so I decided to call her bluff.

“You wanna bet?” I asked.

“Bet what?”

“Well sometimes I suffer from insomnia, so my doctor prescribed me some sleeping pills.  I bet two of those bad boys would knock you out within an hour.  Guaranteed,” I boasted.

“Guaranteed?  Ha.  Bring it on!”

“Okay.  What do I get if I win?” I asked.

“What do you want?”

“I have something in mind, but honestly, I’d rather kept it a secret.  I promise it won’t be anything bad.  I just like the idea of you not knowing.”

“Ha.  The idea of me not knowing?  I’m going to be awake the entire time.”

“Sure you are,” I smiled.

“And what do I get when I win?” she asked.

“How about next week, I take us to dinner and we go see the new Christopher Nolan movie, my treat?”

“Can I pick the restaurant?” she negotiated.

“If you can stay awake the entire hour,” I grinned.

“Easy money.  Let’s do this.”

“Okay.  But a couple of ground rules, since you’re certain I’m going to lose…”

“Go on…” she said.

“You have to lay down, and I’m going to put my blanket across you,” I said, holding up a black, white, and yellow fabric.


“And I’m going to place your feet in my lap and I’m allowed to massage them.”

“You’re going to massage my feet?” she asked.

“There’s nothing more relaxing than a foot massage.  If you’re so confident my sleeping pills won’t knock you out, then I’m going to need all the help I can get.  Figure a nice massage might help relax those eyelids.”

“Ha.  You’re really trying to stack the deck against me here, huh?”

“Hey, you’re the one who said you won’t pass out, not me.”

“You’re on!” she agreed.  “Go get the pills.”

“Okay,” I smiled, tossing the blanket toward her.  “Be back in a minute.”

I headed into my bathroom where the pills were located and preceded to unscrew the prescription bottle’s cap.  The label displayed the following information:  

Take no more than one pill per day, as needed.

“Ha,” I laughed to myself.  “This girl has no clue what she’s getting into.”

When I returned to the living room, Jamie had already laid down with the blanket.

“Took long enough,” she taunted.  “Thought you were trying to knock me out with boredom.”

“Sorry about that,” I smiled, handing her the pills along with a glass of water.  “So you’re sure about this?”

“Yeah, I’m sure!  Free dinner and Nolan’s new movie?  You’re toast, bud.”  Jamie tossed both pills into her mouth and chugged the glass of water.  “Ahhhhhhhhh…” she said wiping her mouth.  “Tastes like sweet, sweet victory.”

“If you say so…” I continued to smile.

“I do say so.  So what now?” she asked.

“Well, now I begin the timer,” I said, setting my phone’s alarm. “And according to our agreement, I’m allowed to start massaging your feet.”

“Right, because you think your ‘special’ massage powers are going to help knock me out?”

“Well the pills are going to knock you out.  The massage is just to help you relax a little…”

“Take whatever advantage you want.  It’s not going to make one bit of difference.  In an hour from now, you’re going to feel pretty dumb.”

“I disagree, but we’ll find out soon enough.”

“Indeed we will,” she replied with confidence.

I gently raised her feet from the couch and sat myself under her legs, placing her heels in the center of my lap.  This was the first time I’d ever touched her feet, and they were softer than I ever could have imagined.  

“Okay, Mr. Miyagi.  Do your worst.”

“Thereed to rush,” I said sliding my left palm around her right sole.  “We have all the time in the world.”

To be continued...

Full Story Available Here: Jamie's Sleep Bet (Full Story)
How much money have you made out of those books so far?

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