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Full Version: Home Alone Experiment
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Debbie had just turned 18, she was going away in a week with her friends,
the first holiday without her parents and her parents were away for this
week so she had the house to herself, another first. Debbie was sensible and
wasn't going to have a party but it was 11am, it was 90 degrees outside and
it was sunbathing weather! Also, Debbie's parents were doctors and she knew
that there was a bottle of chloroform in the house and she always wanted to
find out for real what it felt like to be knocked out by the drug.

She had heard her parents talk about it sometimes and she knew that contrary
to the films, about 20ml of the liquid poured on a hand towel would do the
trick. It was all about lung capacity and after around 20 seconds of
inhaling, she should lose consciousness. If the cloth was removed straight
after passing out, you would be knocked out cold for about 5 minutes. If the
cloth stayed on for a minute, unconscious time would increase to 20 minutes
and if you kept the cloth over your mouth and nose, the drug would evaporate
off the cloth after 3 minutes and you would remain unconscious for about an
hour. Debbie wrote this down and placed her watch on stop watch.

She went outside and placed her beach towel on the decking and the sun tan
lotion on the side. She took off her robe, placed that to one side and
revealed her lithe, athletic body, wearing her favourite skimpy red bikini
with black piping around the top of the bra and panties. Debbie was 5ft 4,
flowing brunette hair and captain of the school soccer team. Although she
didn't have a 6 pack she had a very flat tummy with the smoothest silkiest
skin imaginable. Her legs were shapely and strong but not too overly
muscled. In fairness, if you think of Mila Kunis you'd be pretty much on the

Debbie had taken on a bit of a sleepy fetish almost 18 months ago during the
last game of the season when 45 seconds into the second half, she was
looking to head the ball into the net when the opposition goalkeeper
accidentally punched her head rather than the ball. Debbie was knocked out
cold! She was unconscious even before she hit the floor! She remembered
nothing that happened after warming up before the game as she was quite
concussed from the impact but she remembers that when she came round, the
head coach Karen Kilter or Miss Kilter to the players seemed to be touching
Debbie very tenderly on her thighs and stomach and stroking her head.
Although she felt so woozy, groggy and dazed, she liked it and felt it
arousing. Miss Kilter had become friends with Debbie's parents over the
years and after taking Debs to the hospital for a check out, she drove her
home and helped her to bed and still found a way to stroke her thighs and
tummy. Debbie had split from her boyfriend a month ago as she didn't seem
interested enough in him which was true as Debbie had feelings for Karen.

Karen had just turned 40 and was single and divorced. She looked amazing for
her age, in fact she did not look a day over a very hot 25 year old. As
Soccer head coach, she really kept herself in great condition. 5ft 1 and
very trim. She did have a 6 pack and great toned legs. Long, straight brown
hair, tanned and very fit, sexy and beautiful. Think Sandra Bullock as a 25
year old and again, your on the money. Karen never had lesbian tendencies or
feelings before but when Debbie lay knocked silly on the pitch, her body, so
smooth and fit completely out cold, it really turned her on. She had enjoyed
placing her in the recovery position and had made excuses to message and
touch her legs and tummy to help bring her round. She had a crush on Debbie
and she believed that Debbie also had a crush on her. Debbie's parents had
asked Karen to check in on Debs while they were away and the weather was
glorious and thought that maybe she could sunbathe with Debbie and use their
pool. Who knows what may happen! Karen felt like a giddy schoolgirl! This
would have to be kept secret assuming Debbie wanted Karen.

Debbie did want Karen and day dreamed about what being with her would be
like. Anyway, she could think of that when she dreamt in a moment. Debbie
poured the correct amount of chloroform on the cloth, lay down on her towel
on the decking and placed the cloth over her face and started breathing.
Whoa!! That first breath made her throat tingle, like the first time you try
to inhale a cigarette but stronger. The smell was really pungent and sweet
and nor too unpleasant. She set her stop watch and started to take her third
breath! Her head was swimming and she said out load "wow, I describe it like
being rollercoasted into a black hole" her words sounded funny to her,
muffled, slurred and distant. She could feel herself being plunged into
unconsciousness but she felt so aroused! After a couple more breaths, her
legs which were bent at the knee went limp and slapped down on the towel,
then her hands and fingers which Debbie was using to stroke her own tummy
also went slack and they now lay beside her limp. Debbie had just enough
strength to let out a sigh "Unnghhh" before she was finally knocked out cold
by the fumes. Her body lay motionless and unconscious on the decking, only
her tummy gently rising and falling as she breathed showed any movement. Had
she been able to look at her stopwatch she would have seen 21 seconds to her
KO! She had also forgotten to put tanning oil on. Well she did remember but
it was as she went limp before she passed out. An hour wouldn't be that bad.
The cloth had over 2 minutes of Knock Out drug to dispense, which it duly
did rendering Debbie in a very deep but safe state of unconsciousness.

After barely 5 minutes, the front door bell rang and a key opened the door
and Karen walked in. She was wearing very hot denim daisy duke hotpants and
a lemon yellow bikini bra top. The matching bikini knickers were under the
shorts. She looked hot showing off her tanned legs and tummy. Her breasts
were small but still pert and natural. She called out Debbie's name bur no
answer. Her car was here and the door wasn't double locked, she was probably
outside enjoying the sun. She walked through the lounge and through the
patio doors and found Debbie sunbathing on the decking. It was weird that
her face was covered but maybe she didn't want any sun on her face. "Hello
sun worshipper, how are you?" no response. Karen looked at her tight toned
body and legs and remembered when she was that young and sexy. She knew she
was still hot but Debbie's skin looked so soft and silky. She knelt down to
Debbie's right side and placed her hand on Debbie's tummy "Hey sleepyhead,
wake up!" still no response. Karen could feel that Debbie, although having a
lovely toned tummy, was limp and not the limp of the sleeping. She had seen
and helped enough girls to know that if you hadn't woken up yet and were
still this limp, then you were unconscious. Karen looked around her and
spotted the bottle of chloroform and beneath it, Debbie's notes which Karen
read. She then saw Debbie's stop watch, 8 minutes! In which case, Karen had
50 minutes of time with Debbie in this sexy state of unconsciousness! It was
too much to restrain herself! Karen took the towel off Debbie's face and
found Deb's mouth slightly open, Karen opened an eyelid and Debbie's eyes
had rolled to the top of her head! "Wow Debs!! You are well and truly
knocked out cold this morning!" Karen lifted a forearm and shook it,
completely limp! She let Debbie's hand fall bonelessky on her tummy, Karen
liked the sound of the slap it made. Karen then lifted Debbie's thigh and
shook that. "My god, your legs are as limp as wet spaghetti!" Karen saw the
tanning oil and also felt Debbie's skin and correctly figured out that
Debbie had not applied any. "Tsk Tsk Debbs! You should keep that skin in
better condition!" Karen placed oil on her hands and messages oil gently
over Debbie's face, then moved to her shoulders, arms, neck, tummy and legs.
Karen enjoyed the feel of Debbie's soft skin so much and the feel of a real
sexy rag doll! She felt very aroused! Butterflies in her stomach and a warm
moist feeling between her legs. She wandered what she should do next and
decided to take Debbie's bikini top off which exposed her small but full and
pert breasts to the outside. Karen gently kissed Debbie’s nipples and was
surprised to see those nipples harden. "So even when you are knocked out,
you still feel sexually aroused. Nice touch that" she placed oil on her
breasts and then she gently pulled her bikini knickers down, over her toned
limp thighs and knees and over her feet and placed them to one side. "You
look amazing Debbie and I want you so much! You are all mine for while at
least!" she slowly kissed and caressed every inch of the unconscious Debbie
and reached her mouth and Karen slowly placed her Tongue inside and kissed
Debbie for a few minutes. Karen thought she tasted so sweet! Karen then
decided it was her turn to strip off and oil herself up which she did
quickly as Karen wanted to get back to caressing her sexy rag doll! Soon,
Karen was back kissing and caressing Debbies breasts and tummy and moved
slowly down to Debbies pussy. To Karens further surprise, Debbie was wet
between her thighs and Karen spent some time licking Debbies clit and then
deep inside her. Karen remembered trying to bring Debbie round when she had
been knocked senseless in the soccer match and was convinced that kissing,
licking and stroking a clit and pussy would speed up the recovery of a
knocked out and concussed soccer player! Debbie tasted so sweet and in her
unconscious state obviously enjoyed it because she was so wet. Karen too
felt as hot and aroused as at any time in her life! Debbie let out a very
soft, pleasurable moan and her thighs flexed for a second. Then her arms
moved and she placed her right hand on her tummy and her left hand up to her
head. Karen was surprised bur didn't stop, Debbie was coming round slowly
but surely and by the look and sound of things very pleasurably and she
hoped and prayed that Debbie would be as into this as she was. Karen noted
the stopwatch time, 42 minutes, it should have been at least an hour! She
wondered what had shortened Debbies unconscious time and then she said aloud
"Stimulus! All this stimulus has made her come round quicker" Debbie really
started to stir and felt so much pleasure running through her, she then
remembered that she had knocked herself out so who was helping to revive
her? She could hear a distant voice talking to her telling her to relax and
she would be ok. She felt so warm and aroused and whoever this person was
knew her way around her body. She recognised the voice, it sounded like Miss

Karen noticed Debbies eyes fluttering open and she placed her tongue again
in Debbies mouth and kissed her gently "Wake up sleepy head. You've been out
cold for a while"

Debbie responded "Miss Kilter, what's going on? Your here, how? You feel so
good! I love this, I love you" Debbie seemed to black out a few times but
only for a few seconds and Karen enjoyed watching Debbies big brown eyes
flutter and roll around as she attempted to regain her scrambled senses. The
sun glinted off her toned, oiled body and legs and it further aroused Karen.
She continued to kiss and caress Debbie, helping to bring her round. She
lusted after her smooth, lithe young body and was loving every second of
this experience. Debbie was quickly coming to her senses but still felt very
groggy, woozy and weak but loved the feeling of Karens strong body on hers,
the feeling of her powerful legs and thighs intertwined with hers, this was
a dream coming true for Debbie. She really had a major crush on her coach
and to kiss her, touch her and admire her body up so close and personal was
ecstasy for her. She asked Karen "Miss Kilter, how long was I out cold for?"
Karen replied "please Debbie, call me Katren and by your watch, 42 minutes"
she went down on Debbies pussy to finish the young woman off and bring her
to climax. Debbie responded by saying "You must have brought me round
quicker by arousing me. I have wanted you to take advantage of see since I
got knocked out and concussed 18 months ago! Thank you for applying the
tanning lotion! I forgot to in my little experiment! Oh my! Yes that feels
soo goood! Don't stop...." Karens tongue and hands made Debbie orgasm many
times at once and she was in heaven!

Karen then held Debbie close and wondered what being knocked out and
controlled would feel like. The thought aroused her and she asked Debbie
"Will you chloroform me? I want you to knock me out cold and when I'm
unconscious, I want you to take advantage of me and help bring me round"

Debbie felt so excited, she couldn't wait to see Karens brown eyes roll up
to her head and see her hard, sexy body glisten out cold and limp with her
powerful thighs rendered completely useless after losing consciousness from
the powerful chloroform.

She placed another dose of chloroform to the towel and placed the towel
over Karens mouth and nose.

Karen bucked and recoiled from the initial hit of the noxious fumes but she
soon got used to it and like Debbie enjoyed the swimming sensation and heady
dizziness the drug provided. She couldn't wait to be kissed, caressed and
controlled by Debbie! After a few more breaths, her body fell completely
limp but although almost passed out, Debbie knew that Karen was still
slightly conscious and she took the rag away and Karen spoke quietly and
slurred "I am all yours! Knock me out cold" Debbie replaced the cloth and
within one last deep intake, Karen entered her unconscious oblivion. She let
out a sigh "unhhh" but she was already out cold when the moan left her lips.
Debbie left the cloth on for the full 3 minutes and seeing that Karens pulse
was strong and she was breathing regularly wondered where to start. This was
going to be a great week!......